Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Piece of the Puzzle

Precious in His Sight  

Hello all! Just wanted to let you know what we are doing right now.  This is not only a fundraiser but will also be a cherished reminder of all those that help to bring our child home. I chose this puzzle because we are ALL precious in His sight! 

Okay here is how it works... We are selling each piece of the puzzle for $5.00 each. On the back of the piece of puzzle you purchase will be your name and you can even put the state you are from.  When we sell all the pieces of the puzzle, we will glue it together and put it in a shadow box, so the names will be visible of all who have contributed in bringing our child home. If you want to be a piece of the puzzle please leave me an email address in the comment section and I will respond as to where to send the money.

The puzzle pieces on the table are ones that have been purchased and the pieces in the bag are what is left. If you look real close at the puzzle piece on the right, you can see my youngest daughter's name. She had money she had earned from chores and wanted to buy her own pieces to the puzzle. She is too sweet!

When all the pieces are bought I will put a picture of this masterpiece on for all to see! Thanks for your support and prayers!


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  1. Hi Ginger! I loved the comment you left on our blog! Crazy all the similarities between us! That being said, we would like to purchase some puzzle pieces. My email address is Hopefully we can connect soon. Take care! Nicole