Saturday, October 20, 2012

Give1Save1 Feature Family!!!

We are so excited to be the next feature family on the blog starting October 22nd!  What actually happens is an adoptive family fills out an application telling a little about your adoption story and a video (thanks to Hannah and Justin) to show on the blog.  If you are chosen, at the start of the week the video will be on that blog for all to see along with a little about us, a link to our blog and an opportunity for people to donate to help bring our baby home! I am so thankful to get this opportunity! If you are one of my Facebook friends you will see lots of posts from me directing you to that page.  The idea is to get as many people to view that page as possible and to donate.  It gives everyone the opportunity to help if they feel led to do so.  I will keep you up to date on the running total of what we raise.  Please be in prayer for our family and what God is going to do through this process.  When you see me post on Facebook please share the link on your wall so as many people as possible can see it.  Thank you for your prayers and your support! We are so excited to bring our baby home.  I should have an update of where we are on the list by November 1st and will pass the information along as well.  Remember the first day of this wonderful opportunity will be Monday, October 22nd. 


  1. Hi Ginger! I was wondering if you could add a link on your pg where you can sub via email? That the posts come into subscribers email? I can't sub the atom way and many have this added feature on their blogs. We love give1save1 and after we donate I like to follow their posts, either via FB or by reading their posts in my email. Either way, thanks so much and will look forward to seeing how God works through give1save1.

  2. Hey!
    Loved your video on Give1Save1!

    My husband and I are adopting 1-2 children from Ethiopia--we are JUST about on the waitlist. :)

    Praying for y'all!


    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I will be praying for you guys! Our agency updates us at the beginning of each month of where we are on the list. So by next Thursday we should have a new number!

  3. update! update!!
    So excited for y'all!

  4. We have raised $205.00 so far! Hopefully more to come today but if not, God has got this. He knows what we need! Thank you for your support! I have been overwhelmed with the people who do not even know us that has donated! God is good ALL the time!

  5. Ginger--Are you on FB? can you send the link to the Give1Save1 out to everyone? Do you have friends who can tweet it until it tweets across the states? Yes, God holds this in His hands. He will provide through this or another fundraiser, but while this one is currently going, let's spread it far and wide!! Maybe Beth can post an update too and reminder! Praying!